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Post 10 times a day. You post messages to your followers up to 10 times a day and you can target your posts.

Advertising Power. Each post you make Yakamore pings 50 weblog and blog sites for you to let them know you said something important and there is new content on your page. We tell the search engines where to find your new content.

Post from Yakamore to Sokule instantly. You can post messages from Yakamore to your Sokule account instantly or vice versa.

Say it in style. You get a huge 500 characters which is more than enough to tell your story, deliver a helpful tip, or whatever you wish. You'll also be able to choose the audience or target group you want to connect with.

Yakens mean trackers. When you sponsor people at Yakamore your earn 4 yakens for each signup. You can exchange these yakens instantly and gain more trackers (followers) at Yakamore.

The business seal. You get a business seal on your profile page that shows others you are serious about your business, and each post you make shows others your business status.

You get increased visibility. Each post you make has an arrow next to it. When readers click on the arrow it opens a side window that shows your profile, a thumbnail image of your website and your business location on a Google Map.

Earn 30% commission by telling others about Yakamore. No more building other peoples databases and making them rich and not getting rewarded for your efforts. We reward you when you make sales and we pay you every Friday for sales you made the previous week.

Sponsored Yaks. Expose your business to the entire Yakamore database with a powerful sponsored Yak. Forget paying thousands of dollars for prime real estate like this. Our prices can't be beat.

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  • 100 followers for free.
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  • You can email your list every 7 days.
  • You can post to your list members 10 times a day.
  • Your posts can be targeted.
  • Your emails can be targeted.
  • You can post from Yak to Sokule and vice versa.
  • You can add followres to your lists at any time.
  • You get 4 yakens for every person you sponsor.
  • You can exchange those Yakens instantly for trackers.
  • You get 3 Free banner ads on your profile page.
  • You get a business seal on on your profile page.
  • Each post you make shows others your business status.
  • Each post contains an arrow to your website and Google map.
  • Every sign up you get at Sokule or Yak builds your Yakamore list.
  • We are building you two lists at one time.
  • You get 30% commission on every sale.
  • You get paid every Friday.
  • Your business membership comes with 3 Million sokens at Sokule.
    (Value $3,810.00) This builds a second list for you on auto pilot.

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