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Say it in style. You get a huge 500 characters which is more than enough to tell your story, deliver a helpful tip, or whatever you wish. You'll also be able to choose the audience or target group you want to connect with.

Email marketing. You can email all your trackers (followers), or you can email one of your 3 available target groups, every 3 days. Yakamore puts you in complete control. We will give you 3,000 trackers to start you off. (value $2,850.00)

Yak to Sokule and back. As a member of both Yakamore and Sokule you can post from Yakamore to Sokule and Sokule to Yakamore.

Inbuilt trackers. Sokule members. Your Sokule trackers will be auto imported. They agree to this when they signup at Sokule. You don't have to worry about inviting them and losing most. They can now post to Yak and are happy they didn't have to register all over again. All new Sokule signups will also be directly added to your team here. We take the work out of marketing for you.

Auto List building. At Yakamore we automatically build a list of trackers for you though the use of a special system called yakens and by feeding the signups you get though Sokule directly into your Yakamore account.

Yakens mean trackers. When you sponsor people at Yakamore your earn 5 yakens for each signup. You can use these yakens to gain more trackers (followers).

Post and Email. You can post a message to all of your trackers, or you can select a targeted group of your trackers to contact by posting or email.

Yak more at Yakamore. You can yak with friends and business colleagues up to 15 times a day and when you make each post Yakamore will ping 100 weblog and blog sites for you to let them know you said something important and there is new content on your page.

Earn 40% commission by telling others about Yakamore. No more building other peoples databases and making them rich and not getting rewarded for your efforts. We reward you when you make sales.

Business Applications. We attach a Google map to your posts showing your business location as well as a mini screen shot of your web page so our members can see it when they mouse over your posts. Now that's valuable exposure. 

Customizable welcome message. Your trackers get a welcome message that you can customize where you can tell people who you are and how you can help them. First impressions really count and by adding your own special touch to the message you can make sure your first impression is a lasting one.

Sponsored Yaks. Expose your business to the entire Yakamore database with a powerful sponsored Yak. Forget paying thousands of dollars for prime real estate like this. Our prices can't be beat.  

Ads free Yak site. As an executive member your yak page will be completely free of all ads but your own.  

Powerful image ads. You can earn extra money by adding your affiliate IDs to the three income builder programs we provide, or you can replace all 3 with your own programs and IDs instead. We are giving you 3 powerful image ad spots on your Yak page free. No other membership level can do this.

10 Million Sokens at Sokule...

When you upgrade today we will add 10 million sokens at your Sokule account for you so you can automatically build a second list you can post to and email. (value $12,700).
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We will give you a List of 3000 people and you can email them your offers today.


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