If you are a membership site owner, an mlm site owner, network marketer with a large downline and you a looking for a way to increase your upgrades and conversions, we have just the service you've been looking for...

We call it the DONE FOR YOU promotion service

How many additional upgrades do you think you could get if you could tell your members or downline that you will help them promote their affiliate link for life if they upgrade today?

With the KulePing DONE FOR YOU Promotion Service you can offer a powerful incentive to your members to entice members to upgrade under now.

You can even offer to do this for monthly upgrades as an incentive to keep them on your team and reduce you drop off rates.

This service is being offered to the internet marketing community for the very first time and we are opening up a limited number of slots.

Here is how it works...

1. You purchase a package of 250 URLs or larger for your team.

2. You tell them that if they upgrade now you will promote their affiliate link for life for them absolutely free.

3. We give you a graphic like this one for a bonus on your sales funnel.

4. You also get a special bonus collect page for your member's area which tells your members how to collect this bonus. You can even tell them this bonus is being provided by your site in conjunction with Sokule and align your program with a well known social media site. See what this page looks like here...

5. Your users send us their details and we add their information and link to your KulePing Account for you.

We take care of everything.
You do nothing at all.

To start offering this powerful bonus to your members and increase your upgrades, go to http://kuleping.com register for an account and choose anyone of the following packages.

One Time / 250 URLs - $585.00
One Time / 500 URLs - 1150.00
One Time / 1000 URLs - $2250.00

Larger packages are available if you need them.

To discuss this further or get more information please contact Jane via the support desk

This service is provided by
Sokule Inc.